Elementary School CBEs (Grades 4-5 only)

ONLINE PROCTORING. Online Credit by Examinations include an online proctor fee. This fee covers the use of Proctorio, a remote proctoring service that alleviates the need for a physical proctor. Using Proctorio, students can take the online exam anytime, anywhere once they are ready. There is no need to secure a proctor, collaborate on an exam time, and travel to the agreed upon testing location. Students can take the exam from their home computer at any time. Students are required to have a webcam (USB or internal) with a microphone when taking the exam. Students are also required to use the Google Chrome browser and download the Proctorio Chrome Extension before attempting their exam. Additional setup information can be found by visiting the online proctoring student FAQ.

According to Texas state law, students are only allowed two attempts per CBE for the same subject. After two attempts, the student must take the full course. TTU K-12 provides two separate versions of each Credit by Exam to accommodate this requirement.

Please enroll in the Set A version for the first attempt. If the student passes Set A, no Set B is needed. However, in the event the student fails Set A, they may enroll in the Set B version for the second attempt.

Credit by Exams are non-refundable and non-transferable. CBE’s cannot be extended. If not taken prior to the expiration date, students must purchase another CBE or enroll in the course. Please refer to our policies and student handbook for more information.

PRIVACY NOTE. Students and parents understand that this remote recording device is purchased and controlled by the student and that recording from any private residence must be done with the permission of any person residing in that residence. To avoid any concerns in this regard, students should select private spaces for the testing.