HIGH ART 1B / Online

Builds on knowledge and skills acquired in ART 1A. Covers 3D art,
including design communications, printmaking, sculpture, macrame, and
forms. Explores art's history, present application, and its "future in
the new millennium." Encourages students to consider art as a valuable
discipline in a variety of real-world situations and careers. Requires
students to venture into the world and examine art "at work." Students
will be required to purchase a number of art supplies.

IMPORTANT: You must have access to a digital camera to capture
and upload images of your completed assignments. Access to a public
library, a museum, and an individual in an art-related industry are also
required. View TEKS.

Required Textbook (sold separately):

• Hobbs, Jack, Richard Salome, and Ken Vieth. The Visual Experience, 3rd ed. Worcester, Mass.: Davis Publications, Inc., 2005. ISBN 978-0-87192-627-2

Required Materials:
• acrylic paint (at least 6 colors in the set)

• aluminum foil, 18” -wide heavy-duty

• baby powder

• ballpoint pen

• clay, self-hardening

• clear acrylic spray (optional)

• colored markers (non-permanent, wide-tip)

• colored pencils (good quality, at least 12 colors in the set)

• construction paper (variety of

• colors, some at least 9” × 12”)

• corrugated cardboard (several sheets, some at least 9” × 12”)

• cotton balls

• eraser, Pink Pearl

• foam plates or foam meat trays, large (2-3)

• glue stick

• glue, papier-mâché

• glue, white

• highlighter (any color)

• hot glue gun

• India ink, small bottle

• kitchen knife

• magazines, Internet, and other sources for photos

• marker, black fine-line

• marker, black permanent

• masking tape

• needle-nosed pliers

• newspaper

• paint brush, ½” flat

• paper:

o heavy white drawing, size 12” × 18” (1-2 sheets)

o unlined white, size 8½” × 11” (several sheets; printer paper will work)

o white drawing, size 8½” × 11” (several sheets)

o white drawing, size 9” × 12” (3 sheets)

• pencils, #2 wood

• plastic bottle, 16-24 oz. (empty)

• poster board

• ruler

• scissors or craft knife

• sponge brush, 1”

• sponge or paper towels

• spoon

• steel wool, extra-fine

• string

• watercolors (optional)

• wire (easy to bend, NOT a coat hanger)

• wire cutters

• yarn (any color)
Course: HIGH ART 1B / Online
Schedule Number: 56577
Instructor(s): Staff
Units: 0.5 Academic Credits
Lessons/Exams: 1 final exam
Tuition & Mandatory Fees:
       9th - 12th Grade Courses $225.00