HIGH GERM 2A / Online

During this course, students will learn more advanced German vocabulary
and grammar. The lessons will incorporate listening, speaking, and
reading activities in addition to written assignments. Students will
encounter more readings in German in this course than in German 1. The
course topics include transportation, travel and vacations, weather,
animals, farms, food, restaurants, and groceries. You will learn to
conjugate reflexive verbs, narrative past-tense of regular and irregular
verbs, and narrative past-tense of modal auxiliary verbs; use direct
and indirect objects and demonstrative pronouns; distinguish between
nominative, accusative, dative, and genitive cases of articles,
pronouns, and prepositions; and use correct word order in German. You
will also identify similarities and differences in German and American
culture. View TEKS.

Required Textbook (Sold separately):

o Kraft, Wolfgang S. Deutsch Aktuell 2 (2010). Saint Paul: EMC/Paradigm Publishing. ISBN 978-0-8219-5206-1.

o Kraft, Wolfgang S. Deutsch Aktuell 2 Workbook (2010). Saint Paul: EMC/Paradigm Publishing. ISBN 978-0-8219-5475-1.

For recording: A computer with the ability to record an MP3 file.

File formatting software: You may use any software that you already have, or download free software. Audio files submitted for grading must be in MP3 format (e.g. audiofile.mp3) and 2 MB or less in file size.

We have tested the following recording/formatting software in various platforms:

o WINDOWS: Audacity (additional free MP3 plug-in download required) or My MP3 Recorder

o MAC: Garage Band or Audacity

Please refer to your software help files for specific instructions on how to format your audio file.
Course: HIGH GERM 2A / Online
Schedule Number: 56632
Instructor(s): German Course
Units: 0.5 Academic Credits
Lessons/Exams: 1 final exam
Tuition & Mandatory Fees:
       9th - 12th Grade Courses $225.00